Here’s a rough outline of the steps I will be following today to execute the recipe from the previous post; I am writing them out and posting them here as much for my benefit as anyone else’s:

  1. Kickstart the yeast (by smacking the packet)
  2. Wash and dry or sanitize: carboy, food-grade bucket, strainer, large pot, stirring spoon, large funnel, “the thief”, hydrometer, stopper, airlock, thermometer, measuring implements
  3. Measure out all of the ingredients
  4. Bag and crush steeping grains
  5. Heat 1 gallon of spring water to 150-170F (66-77C)
  6. Steep grains for 30 minutes
  7. Remove and drain grain bags
  8. Stir in dry malt extract
  9. Add water to pot to bring it up to about 2 gallons
  10. Bring to a boil
  11. Wait for “hot break” (after foaming subsides)
  12. Add Nugget hops
  13. Wait 30 mins
  14. Add Fuggle hops
  15. Wait 30 mins
  16. Stir in liquid malt extract
  17. Wait 5-10 mins
    • Prepare ice bath at this point
  18. Remove from heat and cool QUICKLY in ice bath
    • Stir gently to help, but DO NOT SPLASH (no oxidation!)
  19. Try to cool to 70F (21C) within 30 mins
  20. Add 3.5 gallons of spring water to bucket and shake to aerate
  21. Pour wort into bucket through a strainer
    • Try to decant the trub as much as possible, but some is ok
    • Thermometer can come out this way too
  22. Discard trub
  23. Pour wort from the bucket into the pot and back a few times to aerate
    • At some point here, use “the thief” to snag some wort from the bucket and use the hydrometer to record the starting gravity
  24. Pour wort into carboy using the funnel
  25. Pitch the yeast (add it to the carboy) also via funnel
  26. Put stopper on the carboy
  27. Roll the carboy a few times to distribute yeast
  28. Put airlock in stopper
  29. Add sanitizer solution to airlock, fill to line
  30. Place carboy where it will call home for the next 3-4 days and cover to keep light out
  31. Clean up after yourself

Here I go! I will try to take lots of photos along the way for my next post!

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