Did you miss me?

Of course you did.

I’ve thought for a while that it would be fun to try my hand at making beer. After all, Jenn and I already have some Meadmaking experience. Beer sounds a bit more challenging, but nothing about the process jumps out at me as being overly difficult.

Finding motivation to try something like that is always a bit of a challenge for me, though, but sometimes it doesn’t take much to kick-start me either. For example, Mack posted recently about #3SkillsYEG, a new initiative by the Edmonton Public Library to encourage learning, personal growth, and sharing that process with others.

“I like to think of learning as this incredibly powerful, universally accessible, high octane booster for your life,” said Robinson. “Scientifically, chronic learners have more self-fulfilling lives, are able to form stronger relationships, feel a more powerful sense of meaning in their lives, and generally lead happier, healthier lives. And anything that is working towards promoting that is a plus in my books.” – Stephen Robinson

After giving it a little thought, I realize this could be a good and fun way to motivate myself into finally picking up this new skill, while also helping me get back into regular blog updates.

Now, fitting “beer making” into #3SkillsYEG’s February theme of “Personal Growth and Well-Being” might be a bit of stretch, but they do say the themes are more suggestions. Besides, isn’t getting back into learning and doing new things personal growth? Sure, we’ll go with that.

The Morning After

So! While I’ll be starting to brush up on what I need and what I need to know, expect some updates on this endeavour through February. In the meantime, I’ll also be thinking about what else I want to learn for March (“Creativity and Expression”) and April (“Making Our City Better”).

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