Keeping this blog updated with the progress of my 52-week project (or, you know, at all) got away from me. But for those left hanging, I completed this project in December, without having missed a single one of the weekly Flickr Friday challenges. Not that I was happy with all of the shots that I got, but I learned a lot along the way and I’m proud of how much it has helped me think more creatively.

I’m going to keep doing Flickr Friday for a while to keep me challenged and shooting, but I will also be participating in some bigger challenges this year (think: the kind that will take one month to plan, shoot, and post-process). There will always be more to come!

To recap the previous installments:

And here’s the rest:


Golden Hour


Perit cum Ventus


The Morning After


The Butterfly Effect


Urban Calligraphy


Morning Commute



Alien Willow




Yellow Cab


Look at the Birdie


Got Everything? Ok I'm Off!


Saved by the Bells




A Bokeh of a Bouquet in a Bucket


Ghosts at Twilight


Whispers of Wisps






Read Between the Lines


Medatative Fog


Wielding The Power





The Secret Lives of Salt and Pepper Shakers


Life at 6 AM?






To Infinity and Beyond

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