I was thinking about a shiny new tablet computer (Surface Pro 2), but I keep hesitating on committing to actually buying one. I already have a laptop that does me well enough – by that I mean it runs Lightroom and plays Civilization V. What I don’t have is a (portable) flash system for my camera. I did some quick math and figured I can get two units, modifiers, and a radio trigger system for less than I was willing to shell out for a Surface Pro and accessories. So I think maybe I want to go that way, since I will no doubt get more value from that purchase.

LumoPro LP180I’m thinking about a pair of these bad boys – the LumoPro LP180. If they have David Hobby’s endorsement, then I don’t think I can go wrong, and the price is pretty darn good.

Not sure about a good radio system, though. The Impact PowerSync system is highly rated on B&H, but seems pricey. Any suggestions?

Posted by Dave Sutherland Oct - 25 - 2013 0 Comments Categories: Blogography