We got the Aurora Watch Red Alert message around 9:10 PM, the first time we’ve had one on a clear night in a long time around here.

We didn’t want to drive too far to get shots, so I found a little acreage subdivision north of Sherwood Park that would be reasonably dark. We waited around for about an hour, with nothing to see except a pretty awesome sunset, but no auroras, so we packed up and started to go.

We hadn’t driven more than a minute when the sky exploded in front of us with one of the most amazing aurora displays I have yet seen. We quickly drove back to the acreage, unpacked, and took a few shots. The display only lasted maybe 10 minutes, but we weren’t disappointed. It was an amazing sight.

The glow on the horizon is the city glow of Edmonton. Given how bright that is, it should help emphasize how bright these auroras were.

Aurora Red Alert

Warp Speed


Goddess of the Dawn

Posted by Dave Sutherland Jun - 30 - 2013 0 Comments Categories: Blogography