Oh look I’m back! With a shiny new site and everything!

My old hosting provider decided to upgrade their systems. In the process, they lost my WordPress site files. Ok, stuff happens, it’s annoying, but it happens. Opened a ticket to ask for help getting it back. What was their response? To close the ticket. No help. No reason. Just closed it. Nice. So I’m with DreamHost now.

Fortunately, I was able to import my old WordPress database in. Unfortunately, since the site files were lost, none of the images in my old posts loads anymore. I may go back to fix some of them later, but until then I apologize for the state of my old posts.

But I’m back! I will no doubt also be tweaking my site as I go. And updating of course. With photos and blog posts, even.

Oh and if you had subscribed to my RSS feed, note that it has moved to a new URL: https://daveography.ca/feed/

Posted by Dave Sutherland Feb - 26 - 2013 0 Comments Categories: Blogography