This is a bit of a departure from recent blog posts, but it’s worth talking about I think.  If you haven’t seen this ad yet, it’s about time you did:

This ad, by Mother Advertising Limited, is brilliant on so many levels – and I say that as someone who hates nearly all advertising, especially on TV.

First, well, it’s cats.  Kitties, kittens, furry balls of fun cats doing cat things.  What’s not to love?  It sounds like such a random idea, too, especially when you watch the behind-the-scenes video (below).  I imagine it went down something like this:

Ad person 1: “IKEA has hired us to make an ad for them.  Ideas?”

Ad person 2: “I’m going to release one hundred cats in the store and film them!” [Starts packing cameras]

Ad person 1: “Wait, what does that have to do with IKEA products?!”

Ad person 2: “Don’t worry about it.” [Jumps in van and takes off]

The cats play out an amazing scene.  First they let loose, run, jump, and play.  Then they explore and interact with their environment with the curiousity of, well, of a cat.  And finally, they settle down, relax, and even take a little snooze at the end.

The folks behind this ad are true artists, both in how risky executing an idea like this must have been, and of course in the amazing cinematography.  It’s brilliant, between the high-speed filming (slow-motion effect), the narrow depth of field, and in their ability to capture scenes which would have been difficult or impossible to stage or recreate if they had been missed.

And then there’s the music.  Such a brilliant choice of music, that soft, simple, somewhat flat piano tune.

It all comes together and just gives one a sense of warmth, calm, and soft snuggly fuzziness.  “Happy Inside” indeed.

I may not be big on advertising, but I know art when I see it, and this is more art than ad.

Here is the behind-the-scenes look at the making of:

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