I’ve decided I’m going to make my blog here on Daveography a bit more important.  Basically I’ve decided I’m going to make it into my regular blog, in which I’ll talk about pretty much whatever comes to mind.

It occurs to me that I’ve largely ignored the importance of social media when it comes to network in this day and age.  Not that I’m new to social media, of course, I’ve just done my darnedest to ignore it for as long as I could.  Given that this site is also my showcase for my photography, the added traffic and exposure can only help me.

I think this will also be a good exercise for me, bringing together more of my outlets in one place where it’ll be hard to ignore any one of them.  Those are of course writing and photography.

In all honesty, I’ve been in a big slump for a number of months now.  I’m going to use this blog and site as a means of trying to get out of it.  Call it a mid-year’s resolution to write more, take and post more photos, and to network more through it.

Posted by Dave Sutherland Aug - 14 - 2010 3 Comments Categories: Blogography